Turistička zajednica Delnice

The Town Delnica makes “Delnička trefoil – Delnice, Crnoluško – Risnjak end and the Kupa valleys. Delnice the central and largest settlement in Gorski Kotar. Situated at an altitude of 698 meters and framed in the hills Drgomalj, Petehovac and Japlenški top Delnice the highest town in Croatia. Especially recommended for high altitude athletes prepare for recreation, for walks and spending time outdoors in the winter are a real lure for lovers of snow and winter sports.

Crni Lug, however, Goransko idyllic village, winter white and summer floral starting point for the National Park Paklenica.

For lovers of active holidays, there is Kupska or marine valley with a beautiful river Kupa, which offers canoeing, kayaking or rafting, sport fishing and fly fishing, swimming and unforgettable experience of pure mountain rivers.



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Turistička zajednica Fužine

Fužine are located 730 meters above the sea in the southwestern part of Gorski Kotar, surrounded by picturesque mountains, the silence of the forest of conifers and beauty of its lakes. From its beginning until today, I thank Fužine development of a good traffic location and close to transit routes – the former Carolina Road, which linked the interior to the coast, rail, and now the Zagreb – Rijeka, which shortens the time to be just half hours. It is a real pleasure to spend the summer at sea, the Sleep pleasant highland air in a number of accommodation facilities.


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Turistička zajednica Vrbovsko

Vrbovsko, the second largest settlement in Gorski Kotar, located halfway between Zagreb and Rijeka, mentioned in ancient 1481.g. This is an area which occupies an area 280 km2 with 6100 inhabitants and 60 villages of which are larger and better known Vrbovsko, Moravice, Lukovdol, Severin the Buy and Gomirje.
A rich history has resulted in valuable religious, cultural and historical monuments and heritage of this area, particularly dresses woven garments. Rich is here vegetation, large areas are covered by forest, the audible noise of a strong singular Kupa and Dobra, while the true beauty Kamačnik shyly pulls her skirt through the canyon.
Kamačnik is a protected landscape, exquisite beauty, a trail that leads through 3 km of crystal clear streams reveals the magic of hanging bridges, rich flora and fauna. A true paradise for hikers, entertainment and recreation.
Exciting travel experience will offer you the Kupa river – swimming, canoeing, riding bicycles, fishing. Here you get to know the conformational art workshops, see the protected rural units, and then with the Eagles rock Litoric and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. You’ll visit Lukovdol – birthplace of the poet IGKovačića in which houses a museum and amphitheater, near the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary taken into heaven as the church St. Francis Xavier, a very valuable monument from the 17th century Goran is Lukovdol, here everything is different, somehow sincere and warm. Only a few miles away in Severin na Kupi the castle Zrinsko-Notes. No ancient ruins, its history goes back to 15th century
In the center Vrbovskog is the church of St. John of Nepomuk – small “cathedral” of Gorski Kotar, and Gomirje Monastery and Church of St. Roždenija. John the Forerunner. Year of the Monastery is considered to be the 1600th and the same, but in the 19th century becomes a patina of history and the guardian of the past.
Finally do not forget to visit Moravice. Walk with a little Čogrljevo Lake will bring you back to nature.

This is the best choice of your time. Welcome!



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Turistička zajednica Mrkopalj

Municipality Mrkopalj covers the central part of Gorski Kotar, Velika Kapela massif below, in 137 km2. Plateau dominated Mrkopaljski field is located on the 825m n / v. The surrounding mountains Bjelolasica (1534 m), Bitoraj, white and Samarske rocks (strict nature reserve) is ideal for the development of summer and winter tourism. The history of this area goes back to the second half of the 15th century, dating from when the first written documents. The administrative headquarters is Mrkopalj in the municipality are Sunger, Bukovac Sungerski, Tuk, Begovo Razdolje Dear and Brest.
Revitalization of the resort Čelimbaša (3 km of trails), the existing resort in Begovo Razdolje, and construction of ski resorts and Maj Cicak’s top (Sunger), to become the best Croatian resort. Construction of a single Croatian biatlonskog center contributes to the popularization of all Zagmajna prisutnijeg nordic skiing. Hotel “Hawk” in Begovo Razdolje, rooms and apartments, a mountain lodge in Tuk give new impetus to the development of a tourist area.



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Turistička zajednica Ravna Gora

Spend your vacation in the heart of Gorski Kotar. In a shady forest breathe life to the fullest and look back to the roots of which you are connected with nature. It is an ideal place to escape from the city noise and gathering strength for the wild pace of life today.

If you want to understand life in harmony with nature to join Ravnogorski fruits of the mountains, walk the picturesque countryside Ravna Gora mountain road bike and explore the beautiful Ravnogorski green paths.

To stay in Ravna Gora Ravna Gora, visit cultural sights, picnic Javorova hair with mountain homes, the end of which, according to legend, Wells, God’s well, Have a look at the forest trails and paths or seek other opportunities for recreation. In the hunting-ground Višnjevica “gives you the option of hunting and photo hunting. Ask for a test or show Ravna Gora and wind orchestra. Worth to listen to them.



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Ravna Gora
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Turistička zajednica Skrad

In the central highland area, along the Louisian road that separates the town, situated Skrad village but in the late 19th century known as a health recovery center and rest area. The gentle subalpine climate, fresh air and preserved natural environment are just some of the advantages that made this town known for its rich tourism in the past.

Skrad the area extends to 56.54 km2 and has about 1000 inhabitants. Spread on the slopes Skradski peak Skrad has a very favorable geographical location with an altitude difference of 300 – 1044m. Highly be lifted over the canyon in which the Greens and the vir Vrajži passage, natural rarity of exceptional quality and beauty. From Skrad open vistas of the valley of the Kupa, mountains and Slovenian mountains.



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Turistička zajednica Lokve

Ponds recorded first written trace of their existence is far 1432nd in his book, “Gorski Kotar and Vinodol” and 1481st in the document of the Royal Court, which tells us about the place as one of the oldest in Gorski Kotar. The construction of the Louisiana road, the place began to develop in the traffic center. The beginnings of tourism in this region say the data on the existence of “The Society for Beautification of” like an old postcard from 1898. and beyond.

Today, Lokvarsko end with around 1200 people including the village Lokve, Mrzla Roadmap and Zelin Mrzlovodički which are located in more than 700 meters above sea level. This ppodručje to spread the field and the water and creates an attractive image of cultivated villages surrounded by forests, which calls for you here at the foot of stasitog Risnjak. Although located near the coastal area, climate of the area is very mountainous – summers are short, cool and refreshing compared to long and severe winters with abundant snow.



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Turistička zajednica Čabar

City Čabar area occupies almost a quarter of the space of Gorski Kotar, and the third largest town in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. Its area is periferan, border and less accessible major traffic routes Croatian and Slovenia. It covers the geographical altitudes between 650 and 1200 m above sea level, and therefore has the difficult winter conditions and an unfavorable geographical and traffic location.



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Turistička zajednica Brod Moravice

The ship has Moravice countryside rich in natural beauty. View of the Kupa valley will leave no one indifferent. Above the canyon Kupe two famous lookout point: Špičasti top and Medveja rocks overlooking the neighboring Slovenia, and a large part of Gorski Kotar. Near the village of Kuti rises Parag hill from which there is a clear day, see the alpine ranges. With all of the beauty of nature lovers will find the meadows and alpine meadows of rare species: the red lilies, narcissus, goldilocks, Ilex aquifolium, and in the valley of the river Kupa numerous species of colorful butterflies. Hikers and nature lovers, discover the truth of these facts, and discover and explore our area.



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