Brod na Kupi

The upper stream of the river Kupa, who shared with neighboring municipalities and ship Moravice Čabar northern part known as the Kupa valley. The largest town along the upper stream of the river the boat to Buy. Kupa valley is the most developed tourist region of Delnice, and Gorski Kotar in its entirety. Here is low, deeply cut valley of the Kupa as a warm wedge scoring in the temperature cold mountain district which increases the possibility of growing old varieties of apples and other varieties of fruits and vegetables in other parts of Gorski Kotar rode later or not at all mature. Cup and its tributaries are suitable for sport fishing, and for hikers and lovers walking most of the valley is offered through a mountain climber’s path.


Hydromorphological speaking, the Kupa valley is canyon with a small depression in which extensions were made picturesque hamlets near one another. Buy the boat is a boat in a small valley. It is the cultural historical heritage that has this village with barely 176 inhabitants.

In Brod na Kupi, you can choose how you want to know the river Kupa, rafting or sailing canoes, which ends at the picnic-recreation area near the village Čedanj. In addition, you can enjoy the natural hydromassage small rapids Kupe beach sites pressures, near the village of high Laza or enjoy the delights of fishing and fly fishing.

The visitors are also available data on mode of hunting each of the river courses of the region: Buy, Kupica and Curak. The rivers of species of fish may be caught: ordinary and brown trout, grayling, chub, barbel and others.


From cultural heritage boat to buy can be proud of the family castle Zrinski XVII. century which is located in the center. From the former slave and noble symbol remained only mace, set high on the top of the tower of the castle. The castles and forts with hard reinforcements door loophole and tunnels dug underground was supposed to be used for defense and rescue distressed. Given the dual role has no architectural splendor. Everything exudes simplicity masivnošću and strength. Old doors are still bound Kračun and solid lock, a worn stone floor of the say time wise. Behind the fort is located in the church of St. Mary Magdalene by the 1670th The Croatian had made aristocrat Peter Zrinski. The church was used together with dvorvem was surrounded by defensive walls, and the castle was once made whole. Many restoration of the church was changed appearance.


The village of Brod, near Homer on purchases is the trout fish farm, where you can always get fresh fish.

In the valley of the Kupa river are the largest hydrographic and aesthetic values of this mountainous region.

Topmost part Drgomalj has a universal natural complex of the most beautiful and most widely Gorski cavern / cave – Hajdovu hiža. Cave due to difficult access, is not qualified to tourist visits, but the challenge for the adventurers, with the use of adequate equipment. Near the caves there is a lookout that offers incredible scenic view to the north and the entire God given reserve Kupe underneath.


This area must not leave, and that you are not magically walk through the valley of butterflies. Namely, the upper course of the Kupa river valley is just wonderful butterflies. In this area of about twenty km survey registered nearly 500 species of butterflies. Number is not final, but he shows an extraordinary richness of species of butterflies, especially so in this small area is located about 60% of the Croatian butterfly fauna.