Gorski Kotar is known as “The Green Heart of Croatia” covers 1273 km2 area of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, and in this area live 30,711 inhabitants.


Gorski Kotar is a plateau that rises abruptly and steeply above the Kvarner Bay, but his approach is from the interior more lenient. Mountains, the symbol of this area an average height of 700-900 meters, while a rise above 1500 meters and is surrounded by the picturesque village of Gorski Kotar is situated in the plains and valleys, creating an unforgettable image in the memory of every visitor.


Climate here is mountainous, with its characteristic long, cold winters, while summers are short and cool, but pleasant. This area abounds in humidity, which favors exuberance of the forest, and frequent fog. In this area dominated by “green debris” which favors the growth of beech, spruce and fir trees so that their bujnošću and undertone of light in a dark green work relaxing.


Gorski Kotar has many natural beauties and sights such as the National Park Paklenica, strict reserve, park loft forests, caves and various other monuments. Besides the natural beauty of Gorski Kotar and has a rich cultural heritage. Lovers of active holidays, recreation or just visitors looking for rest from the city crowd here will definitely find content that will meet their needs.